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Fresh, bold, raw.

It's what we stand for and what inspired us to start BRAVADO workwear store in May 2023. Bravado means "an appearance of courage or confidence that someone shows in order to impress other people". Yeah baby, we want to impress people. That's why we work with some of the best footwear and unique clothing brands in the world to bring their impressive stuff your way... Stay tuned.

Three generations of expertise.

The right fabrics and materials are the beginning of great style. With a family history of textile trading from Italy, we knew we wanted our store to carry only articles made of excellent materials. Having previously focused our endeavors as traders we realized that times are changing and wanted to add value, with all our expertise it just made sense to create this store. Our fabric expertise and sourcing connections are hard to beat, we therefore knew that creating this online shop would give us a strong competitive advantage in providing our customers with items made with the best materials, because only the best is good enough!

Brands we carry.

Double Helix, Attractions, Alden, Viberg, Red Wing, Brother Bridge, Chippewa, Edwin, Lee, FBC, Tellason, Bravado, Bunker 27, Mohxa, Johnson Motors Inc., A. Kurtz, etc.